This section of the BIM Guidance portal provides guidance, templates and resources to support the implementation of BIM in accordance with ISO 19650. 

The BIM Delivery group has developed a new set of template information requirements for adoption within projects refered to as the Standard Information Management Plan . The plan has been devloped to align to ISO 19650 and is a free resource to support publci sector procurers. 

Overview of ISO 19650 

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) have published the first two international standards for Building Information Modelling (BIM) These two ISO 19650 standards (Part 1 & 2) supersede BS1192:2007 + A2:2016 (principles) and PAS1192 part 2 (capital/delivery phase).

The principles of both BS EN ISO 19650-1 and 2 are founded on the UK’s standards for information management using BIM and will be identifiable to those that are already using BS1192 and PAS1192-2.  BS EN ISO 19650 is fundamentally an internationalisation of the UK’s BIM Level 2 model and contains all the same principles and high-level requirements with UK specific content contained in our National Annex.

It is important to note that the full suite for ISO19650 standards to replace all existing UK BIM standards have yet to be issued and replacement for PAS1192-3 & 5 are expected to be published by the end of 2020. Therefore we experience a current period of transition between the standards and more on this can be found within the Transition to ISO 19650 section. 

Our Approach to Implementaion

To support implementation of ISO 19650 for the public sector procurer in Scotland, the following approach has been taken:-

  1. Wherever possible promote and support the adoption of the ISO 19650 standards. 
  2. Align all work to the new and evolving suite of ISO 19650 standards. 
  3. Utilise and reference new guidance being developed by the UK BIM Framework.
  4. Develop a innovative Standard Information Management Plan to support contracing authroities adopt BIM in accordance with ISO 19650
  5. Remain flexible in when to adopt these new standards to account for existing capability and procurement restrictions. 
  6. Align the transition to ISO19650 with Scottish Governments Procurement Policy.

Where a project is currently in development or where existing contractual arrangements prohibt the adoption to the new standards, SFT have maintained the guidance and resources for adoption of BIM Level 1 & 2 which can be accessed via the BIM Navigator. 

Please refer to the list of resources and guidance within this section to learn more. 


BIM in accordance with BS EN ISO 19650